7210 Sashabaw Road
Clarkston, MI48348
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TLE in Clarkston, MI offers children love, learning and laughter.


Pam Rush has been working with children for over 20 years, and there's a good reason: she loves kids.


As owner of The Learning Experience (TLE) in Independence Township, Rush knows it's important for children to feel safe, comfortable and loved when Mom and Dad aren't there.


"Parents want someone who will love their kids when they're away," said Rush, who opened TLE after running an in-home daycare while her own kids were growing up. "That's what we do; it's a very warm and homey place."


And she makes sure the people who work at TLE love children, too. 

"What was most important when I was hiring my staff is that they're people who understand and relate to children," she said. "A degree is nice, but a degree doesn't make you love children."

And with lots of love at TLE comes lots of learning.


Included for all preschoolers is Fun With Phonics®, an early reading program, and Learning Experience Academic Program® (L.E.A.P®) our proprietary curriculum which incorporates a holistic approach to developmentally appropriate learning in areas like math, science and language.


"The kids always have time for free play," said Rush. "It's a very important part of their development, so we make sure it's scheduled into every day."


Kids can play in bright, colorful and well-equipped classrooms or head down to Make Believe Boulevard®. "It's a wonderful little town," said Rush. "There's Lenny's Garage, Lucky's Diner, a fire station, a house and a slide and ball pit; lots of fun stuff."


TLE currently accepts children 6 weeks to 6 years. Infants are cared for with state-of-the-art sanitary systems to protect baby's health; after-school and summer programs for older kids are in the works.


And parents don't need to worry about security."The front doors are always locked," said Rush. "Parents get a key fob, linked to their child, and we use software that keeps track of everyone who comes and goes." And, she said parents can also expect competitive pricing.

"I feel we have the best to offer in the area," Rush said. "We're about the same price as everyone else, but we have so much more to offer. No one comes close to offering as much."

But as a parent herself, Rush also knows-and expects-that parents will be particular about choosing a place for their children. "We're very proud of the whole program," she said. "We'd love people to come over and check it out for themselves."


The location, she noted, makes TLE convenient for families who live in the area or those who pass through via I-75.Bright and colorful even on the outside; TLE is situated at 7210 Sashabaw Road, less than half-mile from the I-75 entrance and exit ramps. Come see our facilites in Clarkston, where we invite you to join our TLE family!

For more information, call 248-625-5285 or visit